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CaribooCollectibles  WIKI

Our WIKI - everything you need to know about is located on this page. Here you'll discover how to make purchases, navigate our site and use site features.

Buying Cool Stuff...
1. Create Account / Guest Checkout
2. Shipping Options
3. Payment Methods
The Product Page...
4. Add to Cart
5. Sample Product Page
6. Other Product Page Features
More Site Features...
7. Features on the Homepage
8. Features on the Category Pages
9. Changing the Currency
10. Footer Links Explained
11. Our Tagging System

1. Account:  Create Account | Guest Checkout

Once an item or items have been added to the Shopping Cart, the order can then be "Checked Out" aka purchased. There are two methods of Checkout; the Guest Checkout and Checkout via logging into Your Account. On the Checkout Page there are three distinct options:

1. Create an Account
2. Login to your Account from Option 1 (Already Registered? >>Click here).
3. Guest Checkout.


1. Create an Account Option.

cariboocollectibles_payment_5.jpgIt's not necessary to create an account in order to shop, but it speeds up the checkout process and only needs to be done once. We don't want any personal financial information - just your name, email address and shipping address. When signing up, the first part of the process you'll want to correct is the country (see image right). After that you can select the proper state/province, postal/zip etc. Site users can create an account from the cart page as shown above, or directly from the account link found here at the top right portion of our website.

IMPORTANT: Until a shipping address (and shipping method) has been entered in either the guest checkout mode or your account, the shipping costs will not have yet been calculated for a potential pending order. It may even suggest Free Shipping! although this is not the case. Once an address is supplied then the shipping costs and options will automatically calculate depending upon the shipping location. By default, the least expensive shipping option is provided in your shopping cart and checkout page.

2. Login to your account. (This option requires the creation of an account from Step 1 above first). Enter your email address and password to log in. Taxes (if applicable) and shipping costs will automatically update once logged in. Members who create an account at CaribooCollectibles also have an advantage to special offers, in-site promotions and our newsletter that non-members don't have access to.

cariboocollectibles_payment_6.jpg3. Guest Checkout | Instant Checkout. This 1-page checkout method is quite fast; shoppers simply need to input their name, email address, DOB (optional), and shipping address. Again, be sure to switch to your applicable country in the Country dropdown input box (see image above right). Remember that the fields marked with an asterisk ( * ) are mandatory. When done click the "Save" button, and if the provided information is done correctly then you'll be greeted with a message saying, "Account Information Saved Successfully". Fields that are missing or incorrect will be marked as red after clicking "Save" and require your attention before proceeding.

NOTE for Guest Checkout: CaribooCollectibles uses cookies, so whatever information is used in the guest checkout is retained for the next time you visit our site. Even if you don't run the guest checkout again, shipping costs will automatically be calculated based on your supplied data entries (ie - country/location) assuming that you were successfully able to save your profile as shown above.

2. Shipping -  Delivery Methods:

After selecting a checkout option from Step 1 above, a method of delivery from Step 2 must also be chosen before the order can be finalized. The options of delivery will vary depending upon your shipping address (for example, US citizens will have different shipping options available to them than Canadians and overseas shoppers). Note that by default a shipping option is already specified based on the lowest price; this may or may not be desirable to you and can be changed by manipulating the radio button (see the USA shipping example below).


We can also directly ship using UPS and/or FedEX if preferred. These options are not available through the checkout page but personalized shipping can be arranged - just drop us a message and please include the model number or product title/page link. Please refer to our Shipping page for more specific shipping information.

cariboocollectibles_shipping1.jpgIMPORTANT: Until a shipping address has been entered in either the guest checkout mode or through your account, there will be no carriers available (refer to the image on the right) since we don't know where yet to ship to. Therefore you won't be able to proceed further to finalize the purchase; so either sign in or do a guest checkout to view available carriers, then you can proceed to Step 3 - Payments.

3. Payment Methods:

CaribooCollectibles currently uses PayPal to handle all online monetary transactions. However, the buyer does not require a PayPal account and has the option to make purchases directly through credit card and visa debit card.

To make purchases simply go through these regular purchase procedures:

1. Add a Product to Cart > Proceed to Checkout
2. Select a checkout option under section 1 Account - either "Guest Checkout" or login to your existing account if you've already created one.
3. Select a shipping option in the second section (titled "2 Delivery Methods").
4. Click the PayPal/Credit Card image to launch the secure PayPal website (see below).


3A - To make purchases using PayPal, enter your PayPal email address and password to continue to your PP account and finalize the transaction.


3B - To make purchases using a credit card (or visa debit), simply go through the purchase procedures above but instead of logging into your PayPal account, click the "Pay with Credit Card or Visa Debit" button (see above). This will take you to a secure PayPal page where credit card information can be entered. Just like regular PayPal, the vendor (us at CaribooCollectibles) never sees the transaction data and thus never receives your credit card info.

4. Add to Cart:

cariboocollectibles_product2.jpgPretty much anywhere there are products on Cariboo, there is an "Add to Cart" button to be found for each corresponding item. the Add to Cart function is available to all site visitors, logged in or not. Once an item (or items) has been added to your cart, you can either continue shopping or proceed to checkout. If the second option is chosen, you'll be redirected to the cart/checkout page where you'll be asked to supply a checkout option in Create Account / Guest Checkout. If you wish to simply view your shopping cart without checking out, click on the shopping cart icon at the top right corner of the website.


5. Sample Product Page:

Below is a look at an example of a specific page for a product; each item listed at CaribooCollectibles will have its own page as shown below.


1. Add to Cart button
2. Image Selection and Zoom (tip: zoom & use the left/right navigation arrows, often there are more than 4 images)
3. Social Media sharing links
4. Price of item (our prices are in Canadian dollars)
5. Model # (also our internal SKU #)
6. Quantity selection (not usually applicable)
7. Additional Product Functions:
- Add to My Wishlist (users must be logged in for this to work)
- Add to Compare (visitors can compare attributes of up to 3 different products)
- Send to a Friend (page of product can be sent to an email address)
- Print Button (for printing selected page).

6. More Product Page Features:

VIEWED PRODUCTS - on the right side of the product page, your previously viewed products are displayed.

MORE INFO tab (open by default) - contains a more detailed product description and a larger image.

REVIEWS tab (empty by default) - Logged-in site members can comment on any listed product.

RELATED PRODUCTS - Similar site products are listed here.

OTHER PRODUCTS in SAME CATEGORY - are also listed on the product page.

7. Features on the Homepage:

TOP NAVIGATION: (refer to image below)

1. Shopping Cart Icon - link to cart & checkout, contains a list of products in the shopping cart. Note: Shipping costs are only displayed when a "guest checkout" profile has been previously created or a user is logged into his/her account. Otherwise the shipping will incorrectly stipulate "Free Shipping!" until logged in.

2. Member Features Icon - links to various member functions, settings & features:
My Account - User account settings (name, address, etc)
Wishlist - For members only, users can create a wishlist
My Cart - User's shopping cart
Checkout - The Checkout page
Log In - Where members can log in to the account


SEARCH Field (at top of any page). CaribooCollectibles has a very impressive proactive search that works as you type. To test it out, type the work "cigar" and watch the results appear in the search's dropdown box.

Product Tabs - New Products / Featured Products / Special Products / Sold Items


Visitors can switch the displayed site products by changing between tabs on the homepage, as shown above. These categories are subject to change over time; the default display is "New Products" and contains all of our newly added items. Visitors can load more items by clicking the 'circle/plus' icon located about halfway down the homepage:


8. Features on the Category Pages:

Individual Category Pages offer a bevy of browsing/sorting features not found elsewhere. Site categories are located at the top of every page, and contain dropdown menus for their respective sub-categories. Example category pages include Art & Culture, Home & Furniture, Glassware, Fashion, NoveltiesToys and our Blog. Within these category pages (and subcategory pages) visitors can sort products by name, type, price, availability, condition and subcategory (among other criteria).

Another cool feature located on these Category pages is the Tag List. Tags are simply grouped nouns containing products that share the same grouping. An example of a tag list would be UNDER10 which displays all of the items listed at CaribooCollectibles for under $10.

Viewed Products (history) are also displayed in the left sidebar, below the Tag List. By default your last three visited products are shown.

cariboocollectibles_currency.jpg9. Changing the Default Currency:

Prices listed at CaribooCollectibles are displayed in Canadian Dollars (displayed as CAD). This includes taxes (if applicable) and postage. Visitors have the option to switch these listed prices to U.S. Dollars if desired; this will also change all inclusive costs (price + tax + shipping) to USD values. To change the currency: Next to the search bar at the top right corner of the site there's a little 'cog wheel' icon; click it and switch to the desired currency as shown in the image to the right.

Note: Upon PayPal checkout, whichever site currency was chosen will also become the currency used to purchase items through PayPal. Also note that currency exchange rates are automatically updated on a daily basis and fluctuate with the current market rates.

10. Footer Links Explained:

Connect to Us - Includes links to our social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

Follow Our Blog - Links to the CaribooCollectibles blog and blog archive & search.

Our Store - Links to About UsShipping/Delivery page, the Sitemap, Our Wiki/How our Site Works, and Our Tagging System

...And More - Create an Account, view your Wishlist, Product Comparisons, Consignment (Coming Soon?) and Contact Us form.

11. Our Tagging System:

For detailed information about our tagging system, click HERE.

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